ONE Spring Fling was a Success!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated the Old North End and the ONE Good Deed Fund’s first anniversary at the ONE Spring Fling on Saturday!  It was a great success and we raised enough to cover 5 more grants.  Thank you to everyone who took a good deed from the good deed tree and are out in the community doing those good deeds, and to everyone who decorated a post card that has been sent out to random addresses throughout the Old North End.  We had 60 post cards total, which gave us enough to send one to an address on every street in the Old North End.  Photos from the event are up on our facebook page.

Green Belt Gardens are Coming this Spring!

This spring 2015 grant round we are pleased to offer up to 5 green belt garden installations! Green belts are the strip of land between the sidewalk and the street, and they can often be neglected. If you know someone who would love a green belt garden and either owns their property or can get permission from their landlord to have one installed, the ONE Good Deed Fund will provide the plants and the volunteer labor to install the gardens! You can apply using the same application we use for all of our grants and specify that you are requesting a green belt garden. The spring grant round deadline is May 15th, and we hope to hear from you!