Funding Application for an Individual Good Deed

Application for Funding for an Individual Good Deed

Thanks for your interest in applying for funding from the ONE Good Deed Fund. We’re looking forward to reading about your idea for a good deed! Please note before you start:

  • All recipients (that’s the person who will be the recipient of the good deed, not the person applying for funding) must live in Burlington, VT’s Old North End neighborhood
  • Only individuals may apply (nonprofits and other organizations are not eligible for funding)
  • The recipient of the good deed cannot be the same person as the applicant
  • All good deeds must be completed within a year of notification of funding
  • Funding will not be issued directly to the applicant – it will be issued to the vendor(s) who are selling the items or services needed to complete the good deed

Applications are accepted any time and will be reviewed as they are submitted.


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