In addition to giving grants to cover the cost of doing good deeds, we also engage in other community building projects including:

Little Free Pantry Giveaway!

Much like the little free libraries that grace our landscape, the little free pantry movement is meant to give people the opportunity to share resources with others without barriers to access. During this time of uncertainty, we realize that the need for food and toiletries is high and to supplement the excellent work being done by food relief organizations, we are offering little free pantries built by local contractor and woodworker extraordinaire Nick Carr to Burlington residents. We are covering 100% of the cost of three pantries for Old North End residents and are covering 50% of the cost for four pantries in Burlington, regardless of neighborhood. The cost to individuals receiving the 50% subsidized pantries will be $240. All pantries will be mounted on a sturdy post and installation is included.

The pantries are approximately 36″ high, 26″ wide, and 14″ feet deep and are built with low maintenance VT harvested white cedar and have a plexiglass door. We ask that if you receive one that you place it in your front yard, commit to keep the pantry in good condition, and that you check on the donated contents weekly.

Please apply either through our online form or by downloading the form as a Microsoft word document or PDF:

Little Free Pantry Online Application

Little Free Pantry Application in MS Word Format

Little Free Pantry Application in PDF Format


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