Help Us Keep Our Neighbors Warm

As those of you are local know, winter came early in Vermont this year and there is a significant need for high quality winter clothes for adults and children in Burlington. There are a lot of agencies doing a great job of working with the area thrift stores and getting donations for their clients, but there is a lot more need than they can fill, and the folks who aren’t clients are desperate for warm gear. To help fill that gap, we are asking for your support in two ways:

1) If you have the ability to donate, you can help us raise funds to buy clothing and gear. You can make a tax deductible gift through paypal here.

2) If you have high quality warm clothes and boots in good condition (think
clothing without tears or stains that you would give to a friend) we will
happily take those too. Please contact us and we’ll connect you with the amazing Burlington grassroots organizer (and ONEderful Award winner!) Mellisa Cain, who is matching those with donations with those who need them.

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